African Blockchain Education Tour introduces Blockchain for Lawyers 101

African Blockchain Education Tour introduces Blockchain for Lawyers 101

African Blockchain Education Tour introduces Blockchain for Lawyers 101

A blockchain course, Blockchain for Lawyers 101, specially targeted at lawyers has been introduced by the African Blockchain Education Tour powered by eBlockbuzz in partnership with Infusion Lawyers. Blockchain for Lawyers 101 will introduce lawyers to what the blockchain is why it affects lawyers, and how lawyers can equip themselves with required knowledge and skills to provide legal advisory services to blockchain-based businesses and organizations.

Senator Ihenyen, the Lead Partner at Infusion Lawyers who advices a number of blockchain-based startups and companies, including Kurecoinhub, Kurepay, and Paxful, is resource person at Blockchain for lawyers 101. According to Mr Ihenyen, Blockchain for Lawyers 101 “we are in a disruptive age and the blockchain is one of the disruptive technologies changing the way we do business in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Lawyers who wish to be relevant in this disruptive era must be prepared to embrace the blockchain. This is one technology that will increasingly impact on every industry and sector, thus changing the way today’s clients will do business going into the future.”

Mr Ihenyen, who is presently the Vice Chairman (Policy & Regulations) and one of the promoters of the conceived Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SiBAN), believes that today’s lawyers must be prepared to provide legal advisory services to players in the blockchain space. Mr Ihenyen who was keynote speaker at Lagos Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference organized by the Blockchain User Group in May 2018 where he spoke on ‘How Blockchain Will Help Law’.

Linus Kingdom is the Founder and Managing Editor of eBlockbuzz, the blockchain media and education platform that is organizing the program alongside other education programs as part of its African Blockchain Education Tour 2019. According to Mr Kingdom, “Because of the critical advisory role that lawyers play, we have introduced Blockchain for Lawyers 101 to ensure that lawyers are not left behind. By introducing lawyers to the blockchain technology, we are not only equipping them with knowledge and skills but also safeguarding the blockchain space since they are the ones who will advise founders and managers of blockchain projects in the space. We encourage lawyers to attend this one-day training program.”

Blockchain for Lawyers 101 is a special part of eBlockbuzz’s African Blockchain Education Tour 2019 program. The education tour involves three African cities, including Lagos. After the Blockchain for Lawyers 101 program, participants will have the opportunity to access mentorship on eBlockbuzz’s online discussion learning platform. Blockchain for Lawyers 101 will hold Friday 5 July 2019 at the Lagos Chambers of Commerce and Industry Conference and Training Centre.


Collins 2 weeks ago

What a brilliant 💡 initiative!

Lawyers play a vital role in the Blockchain ecosystem.

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