The Past and the Future of BMCToken Blockchain Going into 2020!!

Dear Esteemed Partners,

We welcome you to a fully Packed year filled with fantastic updates and accomplishment. Years 2018 and 2019 have been years of rigorous investments in Building, developing and consolidating the platforms. Let’s use this opportunity to share with you our remarkable accomplishment so far and draw your attention to our focus and direction in the coming years effective from 2020.

BeepMagnet group remains absolutely committed to developing a unique Pan African project that will stand out in the coming years. We believe that the success of a great Blockchain Project is dependent on the following key factors:

The Technology
The Eco system
The Community
Practical Use cases.

The above are the fundamentals that Beepmagnet Group has invested in BMCToken Blockchain Development. We are Happy to share with the BMCT community what we have achieved in the last 3 years of this project. We also want to use this medium to awaken the motivation of community members that the year 2020 is not a year to stand on the fence. It is a year to be Actively involved as the Goal from day one is to see that African is not left out in the map of blockchain adoption and also beneficiaries.

The Past and the Future of BMCToken Blockchain Going into 2020!! 2

The Team has been working on presenting a viable Eco system that will power BMCToken Blockchain. You may ask what has this team been doing for 3 years.

1. We have completed and Lunched BMCToken Blockchain and wallet application that is live on Playstore and Apple store . We encourage community members to download and share their experiences, if possible, rate the application after your download.

We have also worked so hard to get BMCT Coin Listed on Two exchanges where you can buy and trade BMCToken. These exchanges are; and

We recommend all our community members, merchants , and consumers to register with these exchange and Trade BMCT coin there.

2. We currently have a use-case that is connected to attract women into the blockchain space through the use of sanitary product called Sisibox. This is our First proof of use which gives buyers of Sisibox a crypto-fiat cash back voucher that can be scanned and you get BMCToken as a loyalty reward .

3. We have also established a strategic partnership with a start-up company that has developed a digital asset trading platform on which digital blocks are traded as against coin or tokens. The company has implemented BMCT coin as her Loyalty reward Token on the platform to reward traders and her subscribers. This is a major milestone for 2020 as the company has set a goal to achieve 100,000 traders on the platform. What does this mean for BMCToken? With 100,000 traders in BMCToken exchange demand capital will be worth 1.2million dollars. Zardicon Trade LTD has also Entered an Agreement to promote BMCToken Master-Node opportunity to her community. This means that her Traders can support BMCToken blockchain development from zardicon and get rewarded with BMCToken Master Node smart contract for 100 years .

The Past and the Future of BMCToken Blockchain Going into 2020!! 3

4. We have also completed the development of BMCToken Loyalty program that will support merchant adoption and consumer acquisition. This is one of the long anticipated successes that the team has been working on and we are pleased to notify you that this application is ready and live. We hope to attract 5000 merchants between 2020 and 2021 that have switched to use BMCToken Loyalty program for there consumer loyalty and also we want to invite all our community members who will love to enjoy BMCToken as loyalty from merchants to register as a consumer on the portal. There, you will be exposed to all accredited merchants globally that you can connect with and enjoy a new kind of reward on the blockchain . This application will support SME to upgrade their traditional loyalty application to BMCToken Reward program . you can visit to know more and also register as a consumer or as a merchant who want to use our application.

5. We have also concluded the portal that will distribute BMCT Master-Node reward as a smart minting contract for 100 years. We want community members who have been with us from inception not to miss this opportunity.
You can now support BMCToken blockchain development and be appreciated or rewarded with a smart contract for 100 years. We have 0.1%, 0.3%,0.6%,1%, 1.5% smart minting contract on the Master-Node for supporting BMCToken development. Every Monday, you have your BMCT coin credited in your BMCToken wallet application which you can trade on any of the Two exchanges. One interesting fact is that BMCToken Master-Node has been running for 30 months and the Master-Node reward are still intact as soon as you support BMCToken blockchain development and your smart contact is set up you begin to enjoy the reward.

BMCT coin can only be in circulation through the smart mining contract reward, those who have this Equity share are the market makers as they are rewarded it gets to the market. We have made this offer exciting; supporters of BMCToken blockchain development will enjoy the following through this portal :

a. 1 year cash daily reward bonus of 10% – 20%

b. A BMCToken smart minting contract for 100 years

c. An affiliate reward for promoting this opporunity to others .

BMCToken Economics has not changed one that was crafted to mitigate pump and dump. We have combined POW, POS and Master-Node in BMCToken algorthrim . In 100 years the total coin supply of BMCT coin will be 20 million circulating supply. This tells you the value of what BMCT coin will be in the coming years as the 11 use-cases of BMCT is fully developed.

6. We are also committed to updating you on the following Use-cases that are undergoing development : MOBDoctor iOS and android application, BMCToken Master Card lunch on which you can buy data and pay for bills with BMCT Coin and set up of Lundary mart for BMCT coin exclusive use .

We needed to update our community and also our pioneers who have been patient with us all through this years. It is time for Active engagement and participation. Year 2020, we want to identify with committed leaders Globally. In Africa, we want to raise BMCToken Advocates and BMCToken Ambassdors who will be Trained on the vision and ideology of BMCToken blockchain. They will be at the state level, local government, tertiary institutions and NYSC community.

A single tree can’t make a forest, let’s join our voices together and make BMCToken the No 1 Consumer loyalty blockchain supporting BMCT coin .

Get connected with us on : facebook , telegram , twitter @BMCToken

Visit our official website for more details : and

Dr Gilead Okolonkwo
CEO & Chairman
BeepMagnet International Group.


Disclaimer: The Information provided on the this article provide’s details regarding cryptocurrency. The content is not meant to be used as foundational knowledge for decision making regards cryptocurrency trading. Always do your own research before effecting a trade. We are not liable for any outcome based on any content found on this article.

The Past and the Future of BMCToken Blockchain Going into 2020!! 4

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